Andreas Thorud has a Masters Degree in Philosophy from the University of Oslo, and has spent several years studying the history of religions, psychology and theology, as well as French, Russian and Greek. After a short career as a professional football player, he started practicing yoga in 2006. At the time, his muscles were tight from years of running back and forth on the field, but after a few years of trying, Andreas managed to develop a stable practice. Currently, yoga represents a constant in his everyday life, and he practices both Ashtanga and Yin yoga, both to achieve peace of mind and as a complement to his philosophical work.

Andreas' philosophical research and teachings focus primarily on philosophy as a practical tool and thinking approach to help us through life. He also focuses on perspectives which can enrich and deepen ethical and existential nuances, as well as support us to find a way to live a more authentic life.

His core interest is in the Greek-Roman tradition, especially Neo-Platonism and Stoicism, but he also drives on Christian Mysticism and modern existentialism. In the last year, Andreas has been deepening his practice and understanding of Yoga, studying together with Alexander Medin, and has observed abundant similarities between Eastern and Western philosophy. To communicate and share this understanding, and to stimulate a heigtened level of consciousness around what yoga and philosophy can offer us, as individuals and human beings, could be one of his future projects.