Igor Coelho is a yoga teacher at HiYoga.
With a ballroom and Contemporary dance University background, he began his yoga practice the moment he felt some kind of connection with himself and with the world around him went missing. Overwhelmed by the benefits of his practice, he began to share his passion for yoga with others. His desire to deepen and expand his practice and theoretical knowledge of yoga has led him to study in India.

As a 500 CYT, he infuses his passion for yoga in each class with gentle and encouraging cues, a focus emphasis on the breath, drishti and being present. His approachable but challenging classes focus on traditional Hatha yoga and alignment based Vinyasa Flow.

Through his playful, non-judgmental and heartfelt classes he hopes to inspire true lifestyle change by aligning the mind, body, emotions and spirituality, bringing eastern philosophy to the contemporary fast paced western lifestyle.