Description of classes:


*Japa Meditation: This is a classic meditation practice from India. By using mantras and one-point-focus, we create concentration and clarity to calm down our senses.

*Buddhist Meditation: Here you will experience the classic meditation technique from Theravada and Mahayana tradition within Buddhism. It is taught by monks who all have long experience and a regular practice.

*Pranayama: Foundation breathing technique that cleanse body, refine senses and enable a better relaxation and peace.

*Ashtanga Led: This will be a classical Ashtanga Yoga class, where you will be guided through different sequences according to breath, counting and movement. A dynamic class full of energy, power and flow.

* Mysore Style: This is the traditional way of practicing Ashtanga Yoga as taught in Mysore, India. This is the class where you develop your personal practice. In a Mysore class you practice at your own pace with other practitioners at different levels. Each practitioner practices so far into the series that they have learned, and the teacher assists and adjusts individually and provides further advice and guidance on how to proceed in the practice. You do not have to come very far to attend this class, but this is an optimal class to go deeper into yoga.

* Lectures: Scientists, dedicated practitioners, and younger students share their experiences and wisdom on different topics.

* Debates: Here, a panel of teachers will hold different debates on yoga, practice, meditation, in-depth study, and the art of teaching.

* Group discussions: All participants are divided into different groups, where we share experiences about yoga and discuss styles, practices and how we can better understand what yoga is. All teachers also contribute and will participate in different groups. Here it is about sharing, discussing and getting feedback about your own personal experiences on yoga. This class aims to enrich each other's understanding and show how all styles have their contribution to the greater whole that is yoga.

* Jivamukti Yoga: A vinyasa class practiced with an energetic music and a focus on a select intention. The classes are spiritually uplifting and physically challenging.

* Vinyasa Flow: In this class we coordinate movement with breath (vinyāsa) while "flowing" from one position to the next - often accompanied by music. A fun class with medium to high intensity.

* Akro yoga: The playful Akroyoga classes will be kept outside (depending on weather conditions). This is an exciting and funny class where you will get to know a partner - no "small talk" is required! You will be guided safely through the two-and-two pose.

* Yin Yoga: Relaxing yoga focusing on the yin element. The classes consist of few positions where we work deep and focus on breathing to let go of blockages.

* Soft Yoga: This is a yoga where we focus on breathing, relaxation and meditation. Every single teacher sets the class differently.

* Yoga Nidra: You will lie down and do basic relaxation exercises while focusing on the mind. You will undergo various visualization exercises that promote a deep calm and clarity.

* Sanskrit Chanting: You will learn basic chants that are melodic, awakening and lift your mind. You will also learn a clear translation of many classic mantras.

* Devotional Chanting: You will learn to sing like Krishna Das, learn traditional Kirtan and sing songs that open heart and spread joy in the mind.

* Yoga Beginner: A simple yoga lesson for those who want to learn or to refresh the basic principles / positions.

* Yoga Technique: We go through the technique of different positions.

* Therapy Yoga: Therapeutic Yoga that focuses on how to eliminate imbalances in the body. We focus on how to solve deep-seated tensions in the body and mind in order to let go of trauma.

* Philosophy: Discussion and debate between like-minded, committed practitioners.


The beauty of staying at Nøsen is the complete freedom. You can make your stay as serious or as playful as you want! We have a quite study room with a magnificent view on the lake with a library full of books on topics from yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Sanskrit to healthy cooking. You can also go adventurous, put on some hiking shoes and climb the exciting tops you can reach by walking distance! If you want to spend time at the water, there are plenty of activities you can do at the Storfjorden lake! Either going for a refreshing swim, or rent one of our SUP board or boats to ripple some waves. We have two professional trampolines, if you are up to for a big leap and a sunny terrace for those who prefer sunbathing in the sun and drinking a fresh home-made smoothie from our barista.

Early-bird tickets are available until the 20th of June! Get your tickets here.