*Puja Morning: During the festival we start every morning with a Puja ceremony. You can also learn how to perform a basic Puja independently at home. The word pūjā comes from Sanskrit, and means reverence, honour, homage, adoration, and worship. In India, Puja is performed every day in various occasions and life events at home or in temples.

*Japa Meditation: This is the classical way of ancient meditation practice in India. Using mantras and one-point concentration we create focus, clarity to still the mind.

*Mysore Style: The traditional way to practice Ashtanga Yoga as taught in Mysore, India. This is the class where you develop your own personal practice. In a Mysore class you practice in your own tempo together with others on different levels. You practice as far as you have learned, and the teacher helps and adjust according to that. You don't need to be experienced to attend the class.

*Led Class: The teacher will guide the class according to a set sequence of postures or a sequence developed by the teacher.

*Yoga Beginner: Basic Yoga class for the ones who would like to learn or re-investigate the basics.

*Yoga Technique: We go through the basic techniques of postures that will improve your understanding of them. 

*Therapy Yoga: Therapeutical class focusing on how to heal imbalances in the body. We focus on how to release deep seated tension and let go of trauma stored in the body / mind.

*Philosophy: Discussion and engaging dialogue between like-minded practitioners.

*Lecture: Researchers, highly experienced yoga practitioners and younger students bring you their experience and wisdom.

*Vinyasa Flow: In this class students coordinate movement with breath (often accompanied by music) to flow from one pose to the next. A fun class with medium to strong intensity.

*Jivamukti Yoga: A Vinyasa yoga class practising with energetic music. The classes are spiritually uplifting and physically challenging.

*Acro Yoga: The playful Acro yoga sessions will be held outside depending on the weather. This is a fun and interesting way to get to know fellow yogis! You will be guided safely through the postures including partners two and two.

*Yin Yoga: Soft yoga including the Yin element. Few postures where we work deep, focusing on the breath to let go of stored tension to calm the body and mind.

*Pranayama: The very essence of yoga. Breathing exercises.

*Anatomy: Understanding basic body anatomy.


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