With respect for traditions, quality and an honest approach to yoga. 

Norway's Yogafestival comes to Nøsen for the fourth year in a row, bringing together many international teachers of Yoga and Buddhism, alongside some of Norway's top yoga instructors, researchers and practitioners. We will offer a large variety of classes, talks, workshops and debates - alongside plenty of opportunities to enjoy, relax and unwind. The revenue will go to the project "Back In The Ring".


Traditions vs. trends in Modern Yoga: What is real and what has a substance in this popular culture of modern Yoga? How do we define a tradition? Does our practice help us understand Yoga a little better? We want your opinions, your thoughts and your questions as we open up for discussion. Bringing together researchers, highly experienced yoga practitioners and younger students, we will set the stage for a constructive, engaging dialogue between like-minded practitioners, that have devoted their life to practice and studying, are curious to learn about the various disciplines they get to meet and are eager to share with each other.

Norges Yogafestival 2017: What is Yoga?