Welcome to Norway's Yoga Festival at Nøsen!

For the 5th year in a row, we organize Norway´s Yoga Festival in the beautiful mountains of Norway. This festival is a tribute to the growing yoga environment in Norway. Here you will meet Norway's foremost instructors and international teachers in Yoga and Buddhism.

You will be able to experience a variety of classes, lectures, debates and group discussions and we invite everyone to come and investigate and explore what yoga is. During the eight days of the festival, you will be able to meet over 20 teachers and choose from 108 classes, lectures, and debates. Simply to inspire and educate your further journey of yoga.

The classes are suitable for all levels. It will take place from morning until evening in three parallel yoga studios. You can explore a wide variety of practices and disciplines. Have good conversations with teachers and students. You will be able to participate in lectures, debates, seminars and discussions around various topics on Yoga and Buddhism, so you can make up your own mind about practices that serves you and give clarity and insight.

Every day you will enjoy three tasty meals served by our chefs, who prepare first-class vegetarian food. Between classes you can swim in the Storfjorden (glacier lake), lie in the grass and relax or enjoy magnificent mountain walks. We also rent bicycles, SUP boards, boats and canoes. Nøsen is a place for rest, play and enjoyable activities like trampolining, volleyball, climbing or swimming in our nearby waterfall.

Focus of the year: «Clarity and insight»

This year's theme is: "Clarity and Insight". How can we better understand what we are doing? Focusing on the various practices and the effects it has on the body, mind, nervous system. What does it mean to experience clarity in Yoga, stability of mind, peace and deeper sense of well-being? We dare to be critical but remain equally humble towards the unexplainable essence of being pervading inside. We aim to make room for this in our everyday lives and open up the potential clarity, insight, joy and well-being it gives when we come to know it and experience it.

The genuine thing about this festival is that you will be staying far up in the mountains in one of Norway’s most spectacular places. You will be discussing and debating with teachers and fellow students on key topics in yoga and you will lean techniques and concepts useful for immersing yourself in further studies. We hope you will gain a greater clarity and insight into what yoga is. You will also make friends for life and we can guarantee you will learn something new that will enrich your yoga journey further.

Every year, the profits from the festival go to the project "Back in the Ring". A charity organization which aim to help people who have struggled with addiction or spent longer time in prison make a “comeback” in life and rise to the occasion. "Back In The Ring".

“With respect for traditions, quality and an honest approach to yoga.”

Norges Yogafestival 2017: What is Yoga?