Tania Morbech has practiced yoga and meditation for over 10 years. She has a multistyle yoga education, RYT200. When she suffered from serious illness, Tania came into contact with something deep within herself, which changed her life completely. Her awakening made her realize that she had other tasks ahead of her. She quit her job as a police investigator, and is now working to help others who have had their lives turned up side down because of sickness or other life crises. Her intention of her yoga teaching is to guide you into your true self, create a safe space where you can be yourself and where you can move with your own flow. Her classes are quiet, fluid, soft, meditative and regenerating.

Tania have yin classes at Hot Bikram, Høvik, Helsehuset Ditt Pusterom, and runs her own business, Tania's Coming Home Yoga.